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Last night was Craftsgiving! I like to celebrate extra holidays for Jenny; Second Christmas, Unbirthday, Half Birthday, that kind of thing. Last night, after I luxuriated in a couple glasses of wine & some hauntings (an indulgence!), Jenny came home! She'd been out with her friend getting Pour when she's on her way to give the wine a chance to breathe! The people at the liquor store were very excited to see me-- I've been orbiting fancier wine shops, I have. Wine Shoppes. So yes, eventually my lady love arrived! I'd made the card (seen above) & there were banana chips for her, & a chocolate-covered pretzel covered in chocolate bits, a pecan tart & vitamins. & wine, & champagne! Candles were lit. There were presents-- three craft books. She came & was pleased! & was drunk. So we played some cooperative Guitar Hero & then we played around on the monkey bars. All in all a very successful Craftsgiving-- I also made my boss at work a couple of data cds worth of music. Oh & someone new started at work this week! Which means I am no longer on the bottom bottom of the totem pole.
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