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Shura no Hana. (22)

Hayate X Blade Volume I by Shizuru Hayashiya.

See the black sword-ring!
See the star on the shoulder!
Comical numbskull!?

I was pleasantly surprised by this. I left my book at home today, so I needed something pop & quick to fill the gap, & this was the round peg for the round hole. I had kind of hoped it would be like it was-- this is the good side of manga: weird, intermittently saturated with violence. An all-girls swordfighting school, where the girls are paired off into couples? Okay, sure, yeah. I have no doubt that this sort of platonic "wife taking" goes on in Japan like gangbusters, or in America for that matter. I don't quite get how manga is the medium where queer issues are explored? It can be fun though. This has the same kind of worldbuilding that I've been seeing lately-- to wit, schoolbuilding. I don't think it is really as post-Potter as it seems, though I'm sure that aids in the greenlighting of a project. Anyhow, I liked it, & as a side note, the colour covers of the school uniforms look like weird udders.
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