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Everyone is pretty effing jolly about the snow. I am too, though I have some small reservations based on the fact that I am capable of acts of moronics rivalling the best. To wit-- I wore my black chucks today? How many times this winter have I worn tennis shoes when clearly boots were called for? I haven't stepped in any puddles (thinking them pavement) this year, but I've basically made up for it in wet feet by poor choice of shoes. On top of that, I forgot my bag at home, which meant my train ride was book-less. Torture! & just when I was starting to get into Necroscope.

Interlude. So much for what I just said. I went across the street to get breakfast at this place that is offering employees here a 20% discount. Pretty impressively efficient, actually, & I got two breakfasts for six bucks. Of course, on the way out, trying to sneak across the middle of the street instead of the cross walk, I stepped into what looked like a pile of snow but was a crust of snow floating on a puddle. Nice jinx, Mordicai, nice way to lay the hex on yourself. Last year I made it the whole season without going foot first into dark water, but the stars were not right for a repeat.

Still, these things can't get me down: I'm invincible & winter is bringing it's darkness & bluster, which is what I am all about. My weekend? Saturday I went over to help a co-worker move; got there early & walked around Greenwood Heights, checking out that liminal zone. I still haven't quite had that "click" moment regarding the spaces between Windsor Terrace & Park Slope; the way the Expressway cuts through the middle totally spins me around. The move was easy, & into this neat little hidden cottage. There was a shuttle trip in the middle back to Williamsburg to pick up another load, & by that point, my boss had shown up to pitch in with the move. Eventually it was all well & done-- not before some misdirection regarding avenues & streets-- & we settled in to relax & take the edge off of sober. After that, it was home to Jenny. She sent me out shopping & I had some confusion at the seafood counter-- I never talk to those guys!-- & in the end result? Made fish tacos & a cheesecake. Making a cheesecake seems like a really good idea until you realize you have a whole cheesecake at the end. Ugh, too much cheesecake.

Sunday there was no game; bah! Brian said once, a moon's age ago, that running a game was (cue dramatic lights & music) an act of Will!. Overwrought, but I have found it to be true. Casually saying "hey, maybe I'll run a session sometime..." is the same as saying there will be no game. You've got to make it happen. Which is a pain in the ass, but I've gotten it down. Unfortunately, no one else has! There are factors-- school, teaching school, that kind of thing. Still, I would like to play in a game; I would like to play in any game! There ain't one on Sunday though, besides mine own, my precious. Instead I fooled around in the apartment, with frequent dips into the Jenny well. She was editing a video for a friend, which later led to minor internet drama, but I kept coming over & she'd tuck me under her wing, or pleat me into her skirts. Eventually I knocked off to the gym & kind of rocked it, actually. Pow! Whenever Star Wars is on television, even the crappy ones, I slam on the ellipticals. Came home, Jenny took off, & then David came over for a minute. We watched Celebrity Mole (I should have lent that to him) but then he was off to take care of what needed taking care of-- & it worked out, because Jenny came home from her thing early, too. We wanted a bottle of wine but it was too late for that, so we watched Solitary 3.0 & that was that.

Mordicai at Martin Gray's.
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