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Fangsgiving! (21)

Daeva: Kiss of the Succubus by White Wolf.

The candle that burns
twice as bright burns half as long--
unless soaked in blood.

The new Clanbooks for Vampire: the Requiem are mostly in-game sources, what the people at White Wolf call artifact text. Something that you could hand to a player & say "sure, you can find these translated cassette tapes & annotated manuscripts in game" if you want to. Meta-meta-meta, or whatever. Now, the old World of Darkness did this too, but apparently players felt contractually obligated to make those factually true, even when they were clearly biased & contradictory. Ah, but I never understood the complaints about the metaplot, mostly because I never felt like I had to make Hassam a sentient puddle of blood, or Tzimisce a Carpenter-Thing Garden of Eden in New York's subway tunnels unless I wanted to. Still, making sure people understand that "in-character" text is not canon is something the White Wolf people have been trying really hard to make clear. That being said, I of course only read this book for the pleasure of reading the book; I didn't expect it to provide much, if anything, for my game. In the end, I like it; it is all just flavor, but the WW team have been getting better with their fiction-- some of this is cute, some of it is compelling. The layout is really rich, dense. Not really built for reading it straight through, more to be picked at; it is very multi-media, with cartoons, fashion mock-ups, whatever. The typesetting changes often, usually because of different sources, different authors. A pleasant book, I'd check out the others if they fell into my lap (like this one did).
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