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A couple of pictures from J6's going away party. Other than that not much to say. Yesterday was a day of free food; breakfast with the CEO for new employee orientation (I'm so new!) then a mailing-meeting had pizza. Anyhow, I still went out with rbl for lunch, after running into him on the street the other day. He had noodles, I had meat on bread. Later that Night! Jenny wasn't feeling so hot, so we stayed in & cracked up about the nearly autistic genius doing plaster work for This Old House. & the episode of cartoons I was waiting for didn't disappoint. Crawled in to bed as early as anything. Kept bugging Jenny with my foot this morning while I was in bed & she was getting ready for work. In a few I'm off to the races: going to help a work friend move into my neck of the woods. Breakfast? A BLT.
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