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Mother of Vinegar.

I wonder at the cogs & pendulums of my brain sometimes. I'm not immune to psychology, not entirely, so I think about it. The tick-tocks & the drams of arsenic that are bottled & shipped. Clockwork knife sharpeners. Sometimes, the spring gets wound up tight; other times less. I've got all these toothy bits too, missing pieces, & other pieces added on. Sometimes they gnash! Like when Jenny goes far away. She's a balm! She is back now though, & I don't sweat a little bit of orbit! Last night she hung out with Carla & I hung out at the gym. Pow, punch! Then I watched half of Justice League: New Frontier which was okay, just like the comic. Dinosaur Island is the bad guy. I like the voice acting, mostly, & I like Batman. I like Batman the best when he is "The Batman" & people wonder-- what is that monsterous bat-man? Like that. Maybe a drink would have made the evening a better shape-- there is home-made ginger beer I would like to add vodka to. All in all, things are well. My bigger stressors are whether to put squid-faces into this game session or the next. I do sort of occasionally flip out a little (sometimes in the middle of the night) but not usually, & I don't usually have to go crazy with it; I can just turn my stomach towards Jenny & warm it up on her, that is a help.

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