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But if you saw her you'd say "Isn't she lovely?"

Does Indian food leftovers help a stomach ache? Or hurt it? I guess it doesn't matter, since I ate it already. Aw, don't freak out! I'm fooling around anyhow-- after I went to the postal service yesterday (hey, Forever 21 doesn't offer in-store refunds for online products, just exchange? The hell!) I stopped by at that cheap vegetarian Indian place & stocked up. So I'm talking about lentils & spinach & stuff, not some hella vindaloo. Really I took a punch from that burger burrito last night; man, thing was crazy spicy! I took the leftovers in to work with me this morning but now I'm thinking that I am going to make like a catfish & chicken out. Why tempt the three ladies with the sewing & threads & looming of Fate, man? One of them has scissors, you know? So anyway man, I need to chill-out sometimes, sometimes I need to chill out something fierce. I got all rude! I mean, Jenny was hacking away at the computer last night-- like she was Kevin Mitnick-- & I'm trying to get my cuddle on. She ain't having it, we're watching BSG but she doesn't even care, she needs to check her Friendster or whatever! I'm cranky, but you know, she talks me off the ledge later when we're in bed. Then there is some part where she is curled up like a conch-monster curls up inside a conch-shell. So that was nice. I'm sorry I'm talking like this, I've been reading Doctor McNinja & Achewood all week. Neither is my favorite, but they have both grown on me (after my original negative reactions).

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