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String of black pearls theory.

Hung out with the hommes & frittes from work to celebrate the Martin Gra thing. I wanted to go the other thing-- Sara & I did something last Martin Gra-- but I realized I was wrong! We did something last Bastille Day. Anyhow, the work thing was right after quitting time, & not only do I need to cultivate post-J6 work friends, but J6 was going to be in the hizzouse. Went down & picked up some beer made of sorgum-- witches versus benendanti, ya heard? So to the work party. Most notably J6 & me melting down over Spider King & Spider Lady. Spider King is a zombie, right? But he can spit spiders. Tons of 'em. & he has to go to prom, he's on the court, but get this-- he can't stop sneezing! Spider Lady is the same thing, but instead she spits out butterflies. Made out of spiders. Besides that, Kat throwing down some industrial, officepark style coffee maker. CLANG! Everyone stops dead in their tracks. Took off early & went home, where Carla & Jenny fed me food & put me to bed. Then this morning, cuddling Jenny & she's living it but pretending she's being tortured. Oh lets not forget-- yesterday I rocked some noodles with Marie, all running into traffic & such craziness. Now, sleepy. How it goes, right?

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