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Anathamalogia. (20)

Grimoire of Grimoires by White Wolf Publishing.

Borges would be proud.
His Supernal Watchtower
Grows its tendrils here.

This is a book filled with books. Various magical tomes for Mage: The Awakening. First things first, is this useful to me as a storyteller? No. I mean, there are a few decent ideas I could glean, I suppose, but it is both too "High Fantasy" in parts & too contemporary in others. Not to mention, I think the Mage rules are a whole bunch of crazy. There are a few nice bits in here. Mage's have "Legacies," which are like their version of Vampire's "Bloodlines," & a book that encodes the details of a Legacy is a good story element. The biggest downside is that all of the books that claim to be "unique" are kind of...not? Oh my goodness, this one is a computer file! This one is an audio disc! This one is...a record! Yeah, I know, even in the "Library" merit you talk about alternate grimoires, I get it, they don't have to be books, okay. The stand-out tomes in here are The Book of Transformtion, which is like a crappy pulp romance that turns you into a "Vird," aka an albino carnivore runner person? Oh...okay? The Dark Revolution backwards masking is a cute conceit. Having the Electric Grimoire start as a leyden jar is a good idea, but the rest is...only so-so. The Hidden Gogyo Bujutsu is a good martial-arts-magician book. The Ialdabaoth Codex coins the term "ptahilistic" which I like, but the book-as-prison is kind of an obvious trope. The Key of Brass & Flame is kind of...trite, but I sure do like goetic demons. Really though The Hildebrand Recording is the best of the lot; the flavor text is cool, there is legitimate mystery, & it seems pretty horrifying. Probably my least favorite is The Ancient Lands Pentalogy, or the what-if-Harry Potter-was-real? Um, no.
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