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Octopus sucker.

Had one of those train-ride obsessions today. A blonde girl with a kind of eskimo look to her. Maybe it was the Bjork hair, lending a kind of Icelandic look. She got on with me, off at Rector. Not a crush-- I should be clear. More like a kind of recognition. She had really young looking hands while she held on to the pole. Sort of-- do I recognize you from the internet? Did your genes just tumble out of the dice cup in some way that seems familiar to my brain's pattern recognition? Are you some how psychically intruding in my grey noodles? Are you my best friend from the Other Place? A weird haunting came on down on me. Then when I got to work, I had one of those fun elevator situations. I'm on the twelfth floor, twelve out of twenty (twenty one if you count the J. Jonah's office). Got in with a small gaggle of people & out of all of them, I was the lowest floor! I was first. An auspicious start to the day. Things are better now; Jenny came home, she has short hair, & I am super amped about this week's Batman: The Brave & the Bold. Red Hood!

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