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Baking soda.

The little impromptu gathering last night really wasn't a party-competition! It just sort of happened. Danielle was in the neighborhood, David came over, then Peter & Alicia, then Maggie. Alison & Dan were maybe going to but the text-message bridge collapsed. What happened? Well, we ate a bunch of Chinese food from that buffet place-- that place is pretty great? & I went to get money at Chase bank & the fee for not being a Chase customer is...$3!? Forget that; I bought some razor blades instead & got cash back. Then, Guitar Hero! I beat two songs on Hard! David beat two songs on Hard too, & he's only played twice before. He knows music though, he has a cheat code! Everyone had their turn, & once again I wish I had a second Wii remote already! Afterwords Alicia & I went & bought some wine, & we watched some Solitary 3.0. Just a boring, sort of replacement TV night. Which is good! It hit the spot. This morning though, ugh, I thought for sure I had slept in super late, but it was eight when I woke up. I hate being on the wrong side of winter solstice. Night-tides slipping away. Feh. Today I have my game & I haven't decided if I'm going to try to squeeze the gym in or not. I don't know, maybe I should just relax & plan.

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