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Visual Programming Magic!

Gunnerkrigg Court.

Well, today managed to be a pretty busy day at work-- one of those days where you are like "oh, I wasn't so busy they rest of the week because maybe everyone else was slacking off till the last minute?" Coupled with general tasks. Nice to be needed! You hear that Jenny, nice to be needed! Eh, she's busy fermenting ginger beer to make dark & stormies to feed to her high school friends, grumble grumble. Yesterday fordmadoxfraud came to lunch with me, & was just in time too-- his belated X gift had come today! I got him a pretty sweet gladius, but the original never came? I had to eBay dispute, PayPal dispute, all that, but it finally came, & not a moment too soon, for this weekend, the dead walk! We went to this pho joint next to the dumpling place I over-patronized the last few weeks. You know what I like? Ligaments & tendons! The pho I got was brisket & fluke & soft tendons. Tendons, how great is it that I like to eat tendons? Goblin King Goooooooo! Then of course after that, not much. Went home, dragged my carcass to the gym. Sometimes when I get on an elliptical machine, there is something awesome on the television, like Transformers or The Matrix & I just crank up the resistance & Goooooooo! Instead yesterday there was nothing on except Happy Gilmore. Whatever! Then I went home & tossed & turned in the apartment, clasping my elf hands together. Eventually I poured myself some of the brandy? I can drink that! & some of that weird crayfish flavored rum with orange juice? I make...choices, the hard choices no one else wants to make. Anyhow, I sat down & I watched the end of Kill Bill Volume 2. I sure am okay with that. What will I do tonight? I can't even begin to think about it. No, like, I am physically unable to. Though my pitch for the next animated DC movie: Batman Beyond: Arkham University

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