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We're sorry Mario!

minus terminator namibia.

I am much more social when Jenny isn't around, but it reeks of desperation. Someone pay attention to me, anyone, please!

Danielle came over pretty much as soon as I left work yesterday. She was in the neighborhood for two job of which was at my apartment! Oh, I am having a hard time resisting Kirby-punctuating this entire entry! Will I do it, will I dare? Anyhow, she came over & we cracked some red & watched Solitary 3.0. Oh that show is a real fun gem, I'll tell you. People pretend "reality television" is something new-- it isn't, they just used to call them "game shows." Solitary is one of my favorite game shows. We also watched Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. It lacks, without Big Black, but still works-- Rob can charm, & the fact that he is ridiculously talented? At everything, including made up things? Really excuses a lot of it. Jenny & I summed it up as Rob Dyrdek watching the morons on Jackass & going "Yeah, okay! Surfing on shopping carts seems like fun-- but why do you keep crashing?" & then becoming a champion shopping cart surfer. With that, arrived suddenly, Carla & Claudio! Carla, knowing that I was miserable without my wife, was going to make me dinner! Plus, she & Danielle needed to talk about...the host. Talk they did (I tried to hide in the bedroom but they called me out!) & then, cassarole! Carla made this serious cassarole-- cassaroles don't need noodles, you know-- of chicken & ham &...gravy? & vegetables & stuffing. Since I had mentioned that there was a chance some work friends might come over (they didn't) she made a whole mess of it; enough for her to have leftovers, Danielle to have leftovers, me to have tons of leftovers. I've already eaten an unhealthy amount today. We were saying we were going to watch Twin Peaks but it didn't happen; we watched Tool Academy instead. & ate at the table! It was very pleasant. I told Danielle about the weird Biblical kings naming convention of wine bottles. Speaking of, it was fairly moderate- two imperials, one magnum for the three of us, & everyone left at midnight-- but I'm still a little woozy. Oh, also yesterday, my game took a tangible turn for the fantasical, the fabulous.

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