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Make a wish!

Last night wasn't the worst, once I figured out my life-plan. See, sitting on the internet shouting about the Underworld or the warp & woof of seraphic space-time while listening to Nirvana just doesn't cut the mustard. For dinner I made-- ham burritos? I don't know if that was smart. They were okay, but kind of gross, both at the same time. I had a few of these little tiny hotel minibar bottles of wine, & in a Dionysian fit of inspiration I knew what needed to be done-- The NeverEnding Story! & I watched it like a total nerd. Forget the frame! Fast-forward past Bastion Balthazar Bux. So I put the disc in (wisely purchased earlier this month) & poured myself a drink of this tomato infused vodka. Jenny said it was good with cranberry juice, but that sounded too V8 Splash to me, & I'm not a Bloody Mary kind of guy-- the drink I mean, the ghost I'm down with: thanks Florida street kids!-- so I decided to drink it vodka & soda style. I wanted to like, explore the taste or some nonsense like that. It was pretty good. So I watched the movie & kind of...freaked out. As you would. Sending text messages "Atreyu just got the Auryn!!" or "Artax don't give up!" & you know. Classics. That is a really good movie, you know? Not just nostalgia, that is a damn good movie, & that bit about how G'mork is on a quest, a quest to stop Atreyu? How good is that? & the freaking Souther Oracle crumbling as it/they talk?! Or of course, the Childlike Empress meta-text desperate, or telling Bastion he gets as many wishes as he wants? So that was, what, day three without Jenny? I'm a mess when I'm single! Anyhow, today in the elevator there was a guy with the same coat I used to wear. A spy?!?
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