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Doll parts.

Fengi pointed me to this post about Dollhouse that talks about how there was literal women in refrigerators. I won't scoff, but I will disagree-- first, I am not the defender of Joss Whedon, & Joss Whedon is certainly not the bastion of feminist thought that some hold him up as. Remember Doctor Horrible? Still, I think a lot of people have run their opinions down on this show, & I should too, probably. Out of the gate, let me say that I liked it. Jenny & I watched it, & I think we both dug it. The "we will do a modern B-movie episode each week" trope is a strong one. Mostly my opinions on the controversy are threefold. First, hooray that we have a community of fans who think critically about their shows, especially on gender issues. Second, I don't mind objectification. Eliza Dushku has a hot butt, throw her in a super miniskirt. Tehmoh Penikett has an awesome chest, so have a shirtless boxing montage! What I hate is reductive objectification, & frankly neither Echo nor the cop are defined solely by being attractive. There is plenty of gender role stuff here to dissect-- showcasing physical beauty by dancing or by fighting, huh? I don't find it offensive though-- just interesting. Last, I don't think Dollhouse gets a pass for this, is a show examining objectification & prostitution. No, that doesn't mean they have carte blanche, but it does mean they'll do things to exploit people-- I mean, the premise alone is pretty horrific, right? I am willing to allow elasticity. & I for one think the actual girls in actual refrigerators wasn't a dismissive swipe at feminist watchers, but instead a deliberate nod. I want to see if Joss Whedon can put his money where his mouth is. The "damaged bird...who is a ninja" is a trope of television & Whedon has used it before-- Dollhouse is basically "The River Tam Show" right? I want to see how it plays out. Right now though, I'm on board. As to it being boring, well, there is a school of thought that says I like boring things.
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