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Come to America, Scott! (18)

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Universe by Bryan Lee O'Malley.

Quick, Scott! Your save point!
Things are going south, & how.
Gideon must die!

Everybody knows I like Scott Pilgrim, & by now everybody else is a fan, too. I borrowed this from Danielle last night & read it drunk on the train going home, & while I adore Scott Pilgrim, dang man, he can't catch a break in this book! I mean-- he deserves all the fallout. He started the series acting like a jerk! & Ramona is such a girl in crisis. Hopefully some giant catastrophe is just what they needed to grow up & have a real relationship, because man, this was a downer. Still awesome though. I just want everyone in the world to get their act together, I guess.
Tags: books, comics, haiku, scott pilgrim

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