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Waves, solidified!

I'm all scowls now: the novelty of not having Jenny here has worn off. At least the sticker above cheered me up on the train-- psychoceramics is the term! Or possibly wizards, I hoped? It had been defaced-- someone had torn off the website & written "Jesus is Lord" all over it. If it hadn't been defaced, I'm sure I'd've ignored it entirely, but now I had a mission! Although it turns out it is mostly just people being anti-semites. Lame. Still, that is the first thing that happened to me, today, though certainly not the last!

Last night was fun. I trundled to Queens! Let the record reflect that I talk shit about Queens, but I have only fondness. The reason I give Danielle & Joe such a hard time about it is strictly because of location, & like the man says: location, location, location! I could see living in Queens, though. Walking from the train, I went down Sharkey's Row; row houses are funny, very post-war. At Danielle & Joe's apartment, with Indy the dog, at last! Only the third time I've been there, & once was moving day. We played some Guitar Hero (two days of Guitar Heroics!) Danielle & I have a new band: we are THE DOCTORS, because, see, "M" & "D", right? & then went out for sushi. Their sushi joint is just around the corner, & is pretty superlative. Then I got into a scuffle at the wine shop, over charged! & how. So I made her cancel the transaction & she tried to guilt me. Lady, your wine is labeled incorrectly? Go sit on a tack! Also, I whined about the cold-- what a baby! Then back to the apartment to watch some Spaced & I think we kept fake arguing about something? Getting home wasn't too bad; Joe walked me more or less to the train, so I didn't have to worry about negotiating directions, & then I took the E. The E train!
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