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A quick shout out to my peeps at the gym: stop sucking. One of my biggest pet peeves involves people at the gym doing infinite reps with essentially no weight. Listen, lady-- I'll report reality here, it is largely women, with some old men-- you aren't doing anything. Oh man, oh it is the worst when they are full on chunky monkeys. You are not working out; you are just wasting your time, & my time, because I need to get on that freaking machine! If there isn't any resistance, there isn't any work. Man, it burns me up. A subset of this is people who can carry on full conversations while "working out." Newsflash! If it doesn't feel like you are doing anything, you aren't! I watched people today on the bicycle with zero (z-e-r-o) as the difficulty; I didn't even know they could be set to zero. & no, they weren't at the end of a cool down or anything; they biked the whole time on zero. Ugh! Or the other lady doing the hip abductors with the pin out. Oh man, people like that really burn me up, doesn't it burn you up? You know who else I hate? Dudes who drop weights. This time, mostly men. Guys, dropping the weights so they slam! to the floor? Does not make you look tough! It does not make me think "wow look at all that weight!" No instead it makes me think you are a tool who needs attention, is a punk, & more to the point, is a weak loser who can't control his weight. If you can't keep from dropping your weights then you are working with too much! Now, okay, you aren't really, you are just trying to show off, but showing off by undermining your own strength is freaking counter-productive, okay? Just set the weights down.

Another peeve! 9th street! Jenny said that the plans were to narrow the street, & man that is exactly what is needed. First off, how come this heavy pedestrian street is such a mess to walk down? Seriously, there is only room for two to walk abreast? Even the secret passage into the Lonely Mountain was bigger than 9th street's sidewalks. You gotta duck & dodge the tree planters along the way. & I see people drive like such pigslop animals. I watched the grocery store delivery van swerve into the bicycle land, gun it, cut off another driver, &...get to their destination not three seconds sooner. You absolute dogpile. You filthy example of fail. & I mean, everyone drives like that, & since otherwise, the traffic is absent, crossing 9th street is a crap shoot; either it is empty, or it looks empty & some moron is erratically driving at twice the speed limit & will whiz helter-skelter into the intersection.

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