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So Nemoren was talking about 30 Rock's blatant product placement. Now me, I'm okay with it-- advertising makes my television shows free? & Openly flaunting your product placement is a nice way of winking at us in the audience. Since Lilly is feeling under the weather & those plans are nixed, I've got a second to talk about advertising. Mostly, I have two opinions about it, & I really think they should be aired out. This isn't about my opinions on anti-TiVo measures (of which VH1 is king) or anything, just musing on the system in general.

The first is pretty simple: I wish sometimes people-- producers-- could come outright & ask us to buy some stuff. I mean, Pushing Daisies is canceled, & due to ratings. I just wonder; if Fuller had a commercial spot, with the cast of the show, being like "Hey, please buy one of the products advertised here today; the proportional increase will be noticed, & we won't be canceled. I mean, you might need new shoes-- try some of these. In the market for a car? I hear those guys are nice. You don't have to go too far out of your way, but you know." Now, I don't know that it would help? & you know, now that I write it, I'm pretty sure once you open that can of worms you end up with lots of people begging you on television. Okay, it has some flaws. I'm just thinking out loud.

The other thing is: what I really want is streaming advertising. I want advertising feeds I can subscribe to. For television, hell, even for the internet. I mean, let me put it this way: right now, marketing executives decide what you want to watch. They decide, "oh, this demographic watches "The TV Show" so we'll put this ad in there." I want to flip that. I want to sign up for cable & check all the boxes that apply to me. I mean-- I will stop fast forwarding through commercials to watch the trailers for a movie I want to see. I'd also probably stop to watch, I don't know, Dungeons & Dragons commercials. Heck, if I could get a limited subscription to the Super Bowl ads, I would. Now, I know that there is a word of difference between DnD & Pepsi. You could "weight" the ads on cost-- subscribing to the DnD feed nets you one point, subscribing to Hasbro would net you more, & subscribing to PepsiCo or GM would get you a bunch. I'm just saying, if I got ads for products I want? Doesn't that seem like a best case scenario?
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