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Yah Maroon!

Jenny is away in Arizona, visiting the house where she grew up for the last time before her family sells it. She'll be gone for more than the next week, so as you can imagine, that'll mean more socializing for me, along with more feeling sorry for myself. I am not a very effective singleton! In fact, the dark times have already thrown a solid punch into my gut: not more than three hours after she left, I locked myself out. I don't often lock myself out, you know? The last time was when I was living with Aaron in Kent. Usually I have my keys in my pants, so it isn't even much of a threat, & if I go out in pajamas, say to take the trash out? My mind codes "oh, unlock the door." Well, I put on pants to take out the recycling, but the keys were still in my gym bag-- which I realized as soon as the "thwack!" of the latch happened. I was-- pretty frustrated with myself.

Luckily, Lilly is my saviour, my hero! She was coming over to play on the Wii, & I ran into her just as I was contemplating sprinting over to Kira & Nino's. In my t-shirt; it wasn't so cold at first, but it sure crept up on you! Lilly let me fool around on her I-phone, trying to find people's phone numbers-- note to self, put phone number on Facebook page-- but I was all full of strike outs; I couldn't get ahold of Carla (who I later did speak to-- she was in Newark & does have a set of our keys-- note to self, get Carla a set of keys) or find Kira & Nino's number. Jenny was in the air, & Maggie & David were doing a parental meeting thing-- note to self, get them keys too. Keys cost like a quarter, make a million copies. Lilly went so far as to ride her bike to Kira & Nino's for me-- missing them by literally minutes, the doorman said.

So we went for drinks, me & Lilly, arm in arm. We played sort of makeshift Taboo-- they had the cards, but nothing else, & I kind of remember the rules; we again used Lilly's ever present I-phone for the timer. We kicked around there for a while, till we drank all of Lilly's money; then she rode her bike back to her apartment, got more money, & got me one of her boyfriend's flannels & a scarf. Then we went out to dinner-- I had some falafal. Then back to Bar Reis; this time, we played chess! Lilly sprung it on me that she used to play competitively, but was "only second place in her district." What! I find that out midway through the first game. I was doing well, but I bonered a couple of moves in a row & Lilly slaughtered me. During the second game, David & Maggie came to join us at the bar: I won that game, but only because Lilly wasn't paying attention & told me the move I should make to check mate her! The psychological game! Really, I feel like I'm okay at the begining part of the game, but once the real play starts, I am sloppy. Then we all played Taboo & ate roasted chicken & also grillled steak flavored potato chips-- Scotland is weird.

Eventually, Jenny got in touch with us! Asking if I'd managed to get ahold of Kira & Nino; she had emailed me their numbers, but of course I could only check my email by fooling around on Lilly's I-phone. So I hadn't! She gave me the numbers & we got them on the phone; they were in a cab coming back from Manhattan. Phew! That was my worst-best-case scenario, when I found out that Lilly had missed them. I figured they were either out in the Slope, or out in Manhattan-- I didn't want to consider that they might have gone to New Jersey or something. So Lilly-- my hero Lilly-- got on her bike again & rode over there, & picked up the keys! It wasn't until I called Kira to thank them that they realized I had been locked out for the last six hours; since they only heard from Jenny when she landed, they thought that was the start of the lockout! So, we wouldn't let a little disaster keep us down! David & Maggie & Lilly all came over & we played Guitar Hero till the wee hours of the morning; we got pretty far actually, on co-op play.

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