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Battlestar Beyond.

I have to tell you, the medium with the best comic book stories might just be cartoons. I've been continually impressed with them since I started watching Teen Titans a few years ago. Right now the big winner is Batman: The Brave & the Bold, which has gateway'd me into watching some of the old cartoon movies I haven't seen before. After last week's Brave & the Bold, in which Batman straightens his utility belt & then pulls a sword out of it like it is a sheath, & then for the rest of the episode teams up with Guy Gardener, Sinestro, & G'nort to fight...Despero & a mind-controlled Mogo? That is this week's plot? Awesome. After I watched that, I watched a movie I'd recorded-- Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. Now, I'm still not sold on Terry MacGuiness, & I won't ever be, but I'm much more sold on the show. The Batman suit isn't so much a power-suit as matching with the technology of the setting, you know? & oh, Mark Hamill, you make a guy's heart pitter-patter-- there are a few bits with Joker laughing that are really menacing, & then a bit with Harley Quinn singing nursery rhymes in an abandoned Arkham that is super creepy, too. I still say this: the "new" Batman in comics, post R.I.P. should be Dick Grayson, he should wear the Batman Beyond costume, & Terry MacGuiness should be his "Matches Malone" identity.

Then after Jenny & I went to Perch for Savant Valentine's Date, we came home & watched the last three episodes of Battlestar Galactica I've been sort of preaching my friend martak's theory, & for a minute there it looked shaky, but I'm definitely still on the dogma, baby. The "final cylon" may be revealed, but now there is a final final cylon! I'm saying that yes, Doc Cottle's first name is for sure Daniel. He is the first of the Sevens, the one that was poisoned before the rest of his batch could be made. Totally the team I am on. I like the "final five" as the cylon programmers who designed the other cylons-- making them basically engineers puts a plausible spin on it. There is a family relationship thing that, especially in light of the new Caprica show, doesn't surprise me, though all my earlier theories were much more mythological-- though I still say Sixes are Aphrodite, Ones are Zeus, &c. I am sad that my "aging cylon" theory-- that Ellen was just an old Six, & so forth-- wasn't real. You know who won me over big time? Dean Stockwell. Um, I'm on Brother Cavil's team! Though I am pretty sure that if you want to convert him, you just do it by telling him you designed him with the hardware to let him detect God. Anyhow-- Ellen calling the Ones "John" of course gets under my skin-- I think there should be a movement among the cylons, some wanting to go by name, others by number. Oh, & I really liked the opening sequence to the most recent episode, I hope they keep it. Besides the Cylon situation (capitalizing "Cylon" is weird-- I figure I treat it lower case as a species, like "human," right?) what else? I liked the plot, thought Zarek was on point-- Gaeta should have airlocked him though; revolutionary leaders, turn on each other!-- & that for once Roslin "did her job" (as Husker would say). I mean, it took open treason to get her to stop sulking, & heck, normally she's a tyrant who deserves open mutiny, but then she, you know, was fine, for once. Except at the end she's like "oh hey, Lee, I want you to do all the work & have all the responsibility; but I mean, I'll still be queen president & have all the power & undermine you at every turn. YOU ARE WELCOME."
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