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Here are some notes, randomly, from my notebook. I'll take some from each page.

dwarves = time travellers
xenomorphs = monolith huggers

"Half worlds where dwell the Master Types"
Zuul is Lux backwards

LEGION swallows souls, UNIFIES
annointed in spider's crown blood

mosquito swarm vampire
boy vampire knight- moonboy? ultra?

Oldfire / Buildfire
sword of light dripping sparks

chupacabras on leashes
caterpillar bodies, black rows of teeth, eyeless

Alright, that is enough of that; it isn't as much fun as I thought. Those are from the first few pages, when I was planning out what the shape of the game would be like-- take that for what you will. Pills! Today is a weird day at work; a little boom-crash, but I dealt with the boom first thing in the morning, & have been...crashed since then. Lots of people have taken the day off to extend the long weekend even longer. In other words, it is a little bit cemetary today. One of my co-workers did ask me to lunch, though. I'm buildin' friends! Out of spare parts & vampire hearts. I don't have the foggiest notion what I want to do with myself tonight; I'll probably elect to try to soak up as much Jenny as I can before she absconds off to the desert for her Vision Quest or Sun Dance or whatever she's doing there. Which means also: next week I will be without a wife! I will either want to have lots of friends, or want to go to the gym all night long, or want to crawl into a bottle & make a million sad diary entries. Maybe a little bit of all of them! Oh, here is a prophecy I told one of my player's today-- thanks, Nostradamus!

Shortly, it shall be said, a false, frail brute:
shall be quickly elevated from low to high.
From the enslaved people songs, chants and supplications:
taken captive by princes and lords in the prisons.
For forty years the rainbow shall not appear:
then for forty years it shall be seen each day.

Throughout the world seven Secret Kings shall be appointed,
the conspirators, fourteen of one sect:
where the seven children of the Urth are taken.
The great seventh number once completed,
he shall be crowned while presenting the jewels to them:
The bright splendour of those joyous rainbows!

There shall be no King, but Princes only, lest:
swords, explosions, waters, then the Secret Kings,
the warlocks through anger and inner hatred
shall mount a great conspiracy against the false King:
the great one falls to lightning during daylight hours.

The wizard's ship through stormy stars,
shall approach the unknown port.
All their good deeds shall be regarded as misdeeds:
the bird of prey flying to the left.
The great empire shall soon be transferred:
to a little place that shall very soon grow.
Six escapers in seraphic habit:
the all-powerful winged for more than three hundred years.
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