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The Mummy Spoke!

Sometimes I look on carrots less as a vegetable or a sort of root, & more as some kind of hummus delivery vehicle. Just saying. My evening went pretty well, in the absence of TV night. That is right-- no TV night! Which is a shame, since I need that link to anchor down actually seeing people. It is on hiatus while Jenny's big project takes up her Thursday mornings. So what did I do? Well Jenny went out for dinner with Carla-- an early thing, postponed from yesterday. I went to the gym! I've been fairly crummy lately about going to the gym, but I'm trying to get the ship back on course. I had a nice workout & came home, & ate the doggy bag from Chip Shop that Jenny brought. She was drunk! & we froliced on the couch, laughing & shouting. Lunatic! She kept trying to make us watch The Colbert Report for no good reason! Eventually my cooler head prevailed, & we watched Solitary 3.0. I had a few drinks of gin & vodka, glug glub, & we went to bed. She kept kicking the sheet off so I had to smother her with the pillow! Not very hard, though. This is pretty similar to my Tuesday night, actually, only I had a burrito when I came home. Listen, mostly this week all I've had to eat are burritos. This is not an exageration.

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