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Wizzers. (17)

X-O Manowar: Birth by Bob Layton & Jim Shooter.

Alas my people!
You beautiful spiders
our weapons betray.

I was a little leery when kromelizard gave this to me for Holiday X. Still, I wasn't SO leery-- I mean, the pitch is an interesting one: what if a Robert E. Howard character stole the alien's ultimate superweapon-- a suit of power armor. Aw, heck, I might as well admit it, Joe Quesada said it best: What if Conan the Cimmerian got the Iron Man suit? By, additionally, taking it from spider aliens? The comic is more or less as you'd imagine, which means it is more or less awesome. & for a bonus, an all-new issue of the comic, focusing on the villainess, Lydia. Some of the cameos are silly-- a guy flies in the window then flies right back out! Others are pretty seamlessly integrated. I don't know anything about Valient comics, but this was a nice entry.
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