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Action packed!

My weekend was hellaciously busy, so much so that I forgot to shave this morning! Bearded! Gilded the lilly! Sow's ear purse! It started immediately after work on Friday; I met up with Ryan & we sorted out some buses. I never take buses in Manhattan; the only exception is extreme weather conditions, like when it was so damn hot that Jenny & I took the bus to UCB theater & Friday when it was so cold that Ryan & I took the bus to New York Comic Con. Here is the thing about ComicCon in New York-- I hate it. The first year Jenny & I up & left when it was made impossible to pick up our free tickets or even get inside. A couple of years later I volunteered at it-- that was alright since I just sat there, but this year I wasn't going to go at all. Ryan insisted, & bought me a pass, so off we went! I tried not to be sour grapes about it, but I failed! Plus, I was not unwound from my day-- basically I was super socially maladjusted. Like, a mess! I couldn't even shake hands. I was weird. Weird & fussy & I don't think Ryan was very happy either. We met up with Simon & Brian & left, intending to catch a drink, but the places we'd walked to were crowded & Ryan & I had time constraints, so we bailed rather than get drawn into those webs. We did manage to go to Burp Castle to have a drink-- I had some "Fifteenth Anniversary" barley beer that was tasty, & Ryan had a wiite of some variety or another. Also I realized that Angel's Share/Burp Castle would be a strong date doubleheader.

Up next was Coraline in 3d! I told you my weekend was actionpacked. We ended up standing at the theater, in line, past even the time the show was meant to go on. We'd been on our feet all day-- Ryan more than me even-- & this was pretty crappy. We crammed our mouths with popcorn, & filled the floor with crumbs, & waited. When we went in, Henry Selick was there, which was the reason for the delay. I judged it a pretty good one. A surprise! He was charming & had a nice sweater on, so I decided not to grudge on him. & how was Coraline? I really really liked it! Hooray for the movie. & I think seeing it in 3d is the way to go, well worth the extra couple bucks or whatever. There were sequences that actually used the 3d, it wasn't just tacked on. Besides that, man, I am torn. I didn't re-read the book, so I don't know how close to the plot it was-- I might have forgotten a bunch of stuff. Oh, & unexpected They Might Be Giants song! I clapped! & a lot of boobs-- like, I didn't know there was so much boob-humor in the film.

Saturday was the blitz part two! I woke up, & managed to go to the gym; I've been a real slouch lately. Like, total rubbish. Then to ComicCon! I had some train troubles getting up there-- the weekend-- but made it. Found Ryan right away. I went into this one trying to have a "better attitude." I wasn't going to get mad at people walking like idiots-- after all, the whole idea is to mill about. So I sort of suceeded at that-- I only got mad at the older comicbook nerds who walk like assholes, not people walking in zig-zags or stopping to take pictures. Then met up with Simon. Hung out at Joe's booth; Danielle wasn't there that day, or at least not as early as I was there. Apart from that, I went to see that "Star Trekkin'" comedy group? There was some buzz about it before. Anyhow, they were decidedly unfunny, so we left. Both Occasional Superheroine & David Gallaher were around, at the booth right across from Joe's, & I failed to meet up with suzebii2, valiant efforts to the contrary. Actually, probably the highlight of the Con was watching Joe do characitures-- getting a chance to see the person & then watch the drawing done.

After the Con it was back onto the train & home to Brooklyn; more troubles, as the ACE were running like dumb dumbs. Grabbed my old friend the 2, & thought about rocking Grand Army again, but decided to explore the Bergen stop better. Plus, I needed to get wine. I got a nice bottle-- nice! & headed to Kira & Nino's for Kira's birthday. This is apparently the new Kira agenda: all her parties will start early. Like, four o' clock early. Drinking in the afternoon, hells yeah. The food-- I had kept a belly empty, know what I'm saying-- was mexican, lots of it, with pork the clear winner of the evening-- pork wins, pigs lose! Because pigs are made out of pork. Sorry pig. I drank mostly wine, & mostly white actually. Mommy needs a cocktail! Kira's mom & step-father were there; I like them a lot. & eventually Jenny came, too. The age spread was across the board, with parents & parents & co-workers & things, but it was never weird. Kira & Nino's friends Jonathan & Erin were big interesting, too. I guess I talked about babies a lot? That is what I heard later. Anyhow, fun, but I ended up leaving before Jenny did, but when she came home she made it up to me. Then of course Sunday I ran my game-- more on that in a bit. Was only a little hung over-- I drank water in copious amounts during the party, along with my wine.
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