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Golden-eyed Commander of Wishes!

Bill Gates is awesome? I guess those stat boosts really paid off for him. & on top of that, there are Hieronymus Bosch action figures & Salvador Dali ones too. Today I bought the NeverEnding Story, both in book & in film-- whenever I am a little hungover, I get obsessed with the Childlike Empress. Oh, in the IMDB trivia they point out that she wasn't just childlike but in fact played by a child actor! NO KIDDING?! I did go to eat dumplings with Simon-- copious dumplings, & now that is my favorite place today. Kimchee! I've been worldbuilding a little at work too-- yesterday with some courtly love, then today with some haikus. What, you don't write haikus about your roleplaying games?

Red Star lurks above;
death-pinned like a butterfly:
Green Star breaks your heart.

Crown & black sceptre--
Infernum Majestika!
The Arm is cunning...

Thrice Seraphina,
& but yourself only once
You wash Murder's face.

It hides within you,
Curled, a comma in your heart.
Waiting. Growing. Dead.

Jigsaw Wall, & gates!
Epicure, Sophist, Skeptic,
Stoic, Scholastic.

Down into the Nine:
Wall, Spring, Court, Broad, Canal, Park, Grand,
Prospect, First-- THE PIT.

Among the nobles of Malake, dispossed now & living in the suburbs of the City, courtship is a group activity centered around the Blood Orchard (compare to the Bone Orchard, the graveyard). The Blood Orchard is a place, hosted by a church in the same way that a cemetary is hosted by a church-- often but not always the same one. In the Blood Orchard, each noble bloodline has a grove of fruit trees, the kind depending on the family's preference. When the time comes for Courting, in the first blushes of adolesence, the youths of a generation go to the Blood Orchard: the boys climb into the trees of their family, & the girls wander about. A girl who seeks to avoid a boy, or a family, simply avoids his grove or tree (although their parents may encourage them otherwise), but if a boy wishes to have nothing to do with a girl he picks & hurls fruit at her to keep her away. As couples grow older & more sly, the exchange of fruit from the Blood Orchard can make a potent gift. Such exchanges are full of poetic significance. So too a forlorn lover might become obsessed with the Blood Orchard, in the same way that a person in mourning might become obessed with the Bone Orchard. Upon marriage the man gives the woman a carved figure, made from the wood of the Blood Orchard tree, which she adds to her family inheritance-- these figures are significant in family augury & lineage & luck. The fallen branches of the trees from the Blood Orchard are burned when the couple is trying to concieve; the smoke is considered both an aphrodisiac & an aid to conception.
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