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Oh man! Okay, lets start with the good: Batman: the Brave & the Bold the COMIC is really awesome, too. fordmadoxfraud dropped off a huge stack of comics last night-- so far I've read Iron Fist (Still awesome, even without Fraction), Hercules (A good flip of sexism, without being insulting), Ghost Rider (I think comics without reader-baggage are really strong, lately) & Angel (I am pleased with the ending-- I don't mind stuff like that). The rest of the morning-- ugh! I want to be curled up with a warm Jenny, but here I am in the salt mines! Nose to the grindstone! Oh crap, it would be better to be asleep, probably, with my repair protocols turned on!

So my thing is: I'll get drunk at a work party, I just won't stay drunk. Or I just won't stay! J6 had her going away thing, & the bar hosting the even has three dollar well drinks before six-- well, well, well! Sucked them down, didn't make a fool of myself, then shot home! BOOM! (Speaking of shooting, Warren Ellis clued me in to the Dardick gun!) First hold on, I feel like I'm still drunk. I'm not, but I sure am out of it. Okay wait, what was I talking about. Drinks with work-- was nice. J6 taking off is like, the opening of Cloverfield: she's like, my main dude! Then home & Chinese food & somehow no one is there yet? Everyone is late! & I kept giving Jenny a hard time about no-pajamas. I am a jerk! It is great. Then onatopofthings & then Maggie & then David & then Carla & Claudio (who is a dog). Dogs are funny! Carla made hanky-pankies, but with faux sausage & David called them "over the bras" & that was the funniest to me. Then TV night happened, but if you expect me to have opinions you are crazy! Well, okay...a little: How I Met Your Mother is super scrupuous about websites they claim exist. Solitary 3.0 makes you puke up rootbeer & eat gross cheese! & that one guy is a genius of it. Tool Academy I can't even remember. Oh I really want to just hang out with Jenny now, but I have to pull it together for work!

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