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Crumbs, man, I'm really all kinds of caught up here at work. There are no emails to send! No memos to digest! No boxes to mail! The past few days I've been rotting my brain with nerdery most foul-- webcomics making fun of gamers using Star Wars & Lord of the Rings. Besides that, what? Yesterday, despite all my attempts to weasel out of it, we did laundry. I knew we had to, & I mean had to, & intellectually I knew I would, but I also knew I'd try to escape it somehow! Anyhow, Jenny & I put the thumbscrews on & now that is all tidy & nice. Other than that, though, yikes, I don't know what to tell you. Tonight is my main work friend's going away party, & then I'll bail on that to go home to TV night. Seriously, ugh, this week & then also next week? Are going to be action packed nightmares.

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