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I am secretly wearing a Super-man costume under my clothes!

I've been full of odd thoughts lately, & some not so odd. Over at Nicola Griffith's diary I articulated something I think a lot of the intellectual set would probably agree with-- that in the centuries following this one, people will look back in wonderment & confusion on the subjugation of science to the "almighty dollar" in the same way that this century scoffs at the prior (& distressingly still current) struggle between science & the "almighty God" in the form of religion. The mania for religion & economics is built into the human condition, but the aim of science is to conquer such frailties. As a further aside, I think the far-future will look back on the nearer-future & marvel at the subjugation of science to the delusion of individuality, & that their future will look back on them as hideous oddities who enslaved science to reality. I'm just saying-- if there are that many tommorows. Another thing I thought of-- I think the reason Eminem became famous isn't because he was a successful white rapper (though I think that was a factor) but because he did genuinely bring something new to the hip-hop table: Mommy issues. Rap music was all about absent fathers & Daddy issues only! I could be wrong, I don't know anything about rap music, but that is my theory.
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