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So it is probably the case that William Vollmann is a big mess-- it didn't click that he was the Rising Up & Rising Down guy until kingtycoon pointed it out, but I like his Viking Were-bear stories just fine so far. This Sunday was fun-- I think I was a rude pig though! At least when I was stuffing my face with the chili & cornbread Tracey made, I was. I didn't have any cash! I bought beer though! Or well, kind of, I borrowed money from James to do so. Hah! There was no game, but we did escape the Superbowl crunch; hung out at Sam & Tracey's, got a little stir crazy, shouted about Transformers, the best What If? ever ("What if General Grievous became Dream of the Endless' new raven?"). Watched some Carnivale & hooked them. & for some reason they thought my 6 foot 300lb Objibwa Canadian former sumo wrestler was a weird character concept for Hunter. His uncle was a dentist who worked out of his home-- built-in torture suite! Come on guys! I can deal drugs for James' character, Doctor House! Anyhow, I had a bunch of fun with the giggles. When I got home though & was super tired, there were girls to talk to. I was too tired to talk to them & just wanted to relax, but it wasn't to be. So I went to bed! It is alright, Jenny made it up to me.

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