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Bloody gears & metal hearts.

So yesterday was fun, wasn't it boys & girls? The morning was those eggy sandwiches I told you about. Then I mustered up the gumption to hit the gym; I wonder if I'll do the same this morning, too? After the gym I was running a little late for a meeting, which I think annoyed Jenny since she was in the middle of a cleaning binge, but she didn't grudge on me for it. The meeting? The Lion Pinball Players! First things first, the train's oddity only worked in my favor-- G on the F line in my part of Brooklyn, so I got on the G, & then the G was late so it ran "express" to Metropolitan, where I needed to go! Ta-da, so I was first, then shortly joined by Sara. Sara is going to be my main play dude this time, fo' sure. Also Lois, by directorial command! This was just a meet-up; oh how nice it is to see your faces, cast! Have a few sample lines! & all that. Still, look for Cocktails at the Center of the Earth coming soon! The pow-wow was at Royal Oaks, which is a spot I'll confess I've grown fond of. Also, they very scrupulously gave me many free drinks, & Sara didn't really want beer so she kept topping mine off with hers. I walked to the train with Simon & Meg, & home again! All along the way reading The Ice-Shirt. Um, Bear-Kings versus Wolf-Shamans, coming Oubliette 3.0 I'll bet. Got to my apartment just in time for dinner-- Jenny & Carla & Claudio-the-dog were there, & Jenny had made some creamy chicken & green beans. Worst, they weren't drunk? So we ate & I drank sparingly (or tried to). Then some guitar hero, & more sparse drinking (though it is hard to drink champagne slowly!) Before too long, I went to bed-- the option was either to drink more & be an annoying drunk, or to go to bed & I sided with discretion. When I went to bed I took Jenny's advice & put on music-- Jenny Lewis is what I decided on-- & that worked magnificently, actually. I wasn't annoyed by antics (if there were antics!) at all.

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