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Yesterday had some great old ups, some mud-&-clay downs. As for the latter, the flesh is weak. Stupid bag of blood & guts. Full of bugs for my spider-heart to feast on. The wind comes in, hits the over-heating shivering me, & all my insides spill out. Great & lovely, piles of bloody me. Workday not a splash! Still, I had everything in its right place when I left. Left to pick up sake & meet up with Jenny at Marie & Thomas' apartment. (Hold on, narrative intrusion! Jenny is microwaving, which makes the internet go haywire. Breakfast is English muffins with spinach & eggs & Canadian bacon & cheese.) There was a baby! Being a baby is a full time job? Baby, eating, puking, & pooping is not a fulltime job, lets play! He liked me though, because I'm very likable. Besides that we ate sushi (the Mount Fuji roll was pretty killer), & watched Battlestar Galactica on their projector screen. We're an episode behind, so this was the one with Gaeta allying with Zarek. I hope Chief steps back into his role as Karl Marx. Then Thomas & I talked about Middle-earth Roleplaying & sundry, then home, jiggidy! There was a hobo on the nod, who kept falling onto his head. Stupid heroin. Okay, time to go eat!

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