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Hated Noah! (14)

Changing Breeds by White Wolf Studios.

Hanuman, & the
Bear-King, the Spider-Woman
& dread Baphomet.

The Good. Well, the original reason I wanted this book remains the most valid-- there is a grab-bag of powers. Dotted powers with an animal bent, fit for all kinds of uses-- shapechangers, sure, but there is plenty of meat to be used for gene-spliced hybrids, or anthropomorphic fantasy races, or whatever. The book sort of snidely makes comments that "radioactive hamsters are right out," but I couldn't help but think about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Besides that, there are a few myths & legends planted in the "breeds" section-- rhinocerouses coming from two orphan twins who were burned to death? Or the leopard-godlings of Aztec mythology? Nicely done.

The Bad. Remember that snide comment about no "radioactive hamsters?" Screw you buddy, I'll do whatever I want to. Okay, I get that you want to avoid the sort of silliness that sometimes sprouted up in the Old World of Darkness, so I won't grudge too hard, but could you get this book an editor? There are way too many winks at the reader, & a whole lot of stupid sweeping statements-- "animals are masters at manipulating human emotions..." What the hell are you talking about? No they aren't! Ruleswise, there isn't any balance, & the book sort of sneers at the idea that an elephat-shifter & a mouse-shifter would be balanced. Um, you could, guys, it wouldn't be hard. You could balance the attribute modifications with penalties, you could balance the powers better. Like-- multiple limbs granting multiple actions? After all the trouble to remove multiple actions from things like Celerity?

The Ugly. Listen, I'm a hard guy to embarass on the train. I'll read my books with dragons fighting robots, I don't even care. The art in this book though...Well, I mean, you're already in a difficult position. Anthropomorphic animals. You could try harder not to be...furries. I mean, instead of having a sexy cat lady? You could have a terrifying monster. Or instead of having all those naked were-people you could...not? Seriously, there is a deer-lady & a caribou man who are just porn'd up, with little tufts of fur over their bits. The layout isn't great either, but the New WoD books as a rule haven't been well organized.
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