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Keaton was the best Batman.

So it has been a while since my face was broken & healed. This comes up—has been on my mind—for a couple of reasons. One, when the weather changes, I can feel it. As an ache & a temperature difference. The other is much more mundane—I ran out of calcium vitamin supplements, & I’ve decided not to buy any more. Since the damage, I’ve been taking them; the titanium alloy osseointegrates with my bone; the molecules bond together & interweave. I’ve been taking calcium during the rough & smooth parts of the bone healing process, but that should all be done, by & large. I still get plenty of calcium in my diet & multivitamin. Really I am fine, but it is a choice I made, to discontinue self-medicating. I don’t think of it that much, but when I do I am charmed. I don’t know, war wounds. Battle damage. Also, here are some pictures of what a hambone I am:

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