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Flickering cathodes.

Television night another rousing success; cannons light up the air with sound. I do feel like utter filth though; a week of all-drinking coupled with no gym attendance might have something to do with that. As in, no shit Sherlock. Tonight I mean to make it up to myself a little bit. I’ve been lazy, its been cold, I’ve felt celebratory. Just minor things. Celebratory or needin’ relaxin’. Still, I’ve burnt a lot of the bridges that have needed burning this week. Plowed through one project, mostly though another, & all caught up on my constantly required tasks. Go! Roll out!

To the topic of last night, fun! Lilly was the evening’s sport; Jenny wouldn’t stop pulling her chain, & Lilly was being extra credulous. Lilly was first & we were going to be food buddies—but she balked when I said the words “Chinese” & “buffet.” Oh when she saw the buffet she was kicking herself though. Not that tons of Chinese food make me feel better about treating my body like crap all week. Then a Maggie, who looked like an author photo all night, & drank white wine for only the second time this year. & David, tired from his lording of Castle Kit Marlowe. Never heard from Danielle—I assumed she was asleep! We’ve kind of abandoned any real television in favor of reality shows—the better to shout over them, my dear. Started off with Solitary 3.0: that freaking show is phenomenal. This one concluded the “sit on this” task, with one of those rotary garden-mole things being the last stool—they didn’t have to sit on it, it was just a great freak out. Then a logic puzzle, & oh, switching clothing! & then they had to put really nasty pinch-pins on, & our favorite gave up first. I heart a show where you can’t win, you just can only give up last. Then A Double Shot at Love, which is like the Tila Tequila show, only with two bisexual twins. It would be a better show if the contestants didn’t suck so much—there is no Danny to root for. Still, the twins are oddly compelling; you don’t feel like it is as fake as you think it would be. For the capstone, Tool Academy. It…pretty amazing, as I just said out loud. Some of the guys are probably fakers, some definitely, some maybe real? Who can say, it is full of mystery—hilarious mystery, & every week they vote off the right person?! Either the post-production editors are amazing or whoever decides who to kick off is. & there were macaroons, & shoelace candy, & cheese & fruit & vegetables, & greek yogurt & cookies, & home made pop tarts, & horrifying Slim Jim olives that Maggie tricked me into eating, & Jenny was in rare form! She was cracking herself up, & everyone else. & she really just was astonishingly mean to Lilly (in good fun). So basically in summary: I’m pretty glad Lilly is coming more & more into the fold. I really like her, & I’ve weirdly known her a long time. We saw Bubba Ho-tep together! & David & Maggie are adorable, & David was practically sleeping on the floor. & Jenny is super great & stopped being mad at me yesterday when we got lunch. Ta-da!

Edit: From fordmadoxfraud: The other day I left work so late, the only people on the train with me at Flatbush Ave. were homeless people and social workers with clipboards who wanted to know if I was homeless. "Do you have a place to sleep tonight sir? Is it heated?" When I told that story to M and Jenny they asked if I had been wearing my red wool cap at the time. When I said that yes, I was, they both howled with laughter.

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