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Crisis Core. (12)

Final Crisis by Grant Morrison & various artists.

At long last, Darkseid!
The Anti-Life Equation!
I wish this was good.

So this is over. & I'm sad to say that it just wasn't any good. Listen-- I am down with turning up the "gods" part of New Gods. I'm just not sure it worked. Or was any good. & it was more a sequel to Seven Soldiers (which I really liked) than a "Crisis" story. I mean-- you wrote this right after coming down from All-Star Superman which remains one of the great stories of comics, ever. & you know what? That really illustrates the difference between a good story & a bad one. In a good story, Superman "dies" racing into the heart of the sun to repair it from a grievous hurt, turning into some kind of golden god. In a bad story, Batman shoots Darkseid. What. With a kryptonite MacGuffin bullet. What. Then dies. What. No, this wasn't any good at all. Oh & slutty, punk Mary Marvel? Failure. Wonderwoman Fury? No. Why was Kalibak a furry? Though the fight with Tawny sort of made up for it. Making a weird Monitor-Forever People connection? Possibly a good idea but again, no. Mandrakk? Are you KIDDING me? To summarize; I knew this wasn't going to be good from a long way coming, but I kept the verdict out-- Grant Morrison has been pulling out the stops lately, & managed to make me rethinking Batman RIP (which in the end I think was a failure because well...Batman dying is a bad story, or at least that one was). Well, now it is over. & Sorry, but D. At best a D. edit: Oh & Batman becomes a caveman at the end of time. Wait, I read this comic already, & it was much better, & it was the opening two-minute sequence of Batman: Brave & the Bold on television.
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