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I didn't mean to dissapoint her! Oh frustrating life. Jenny had plans last night-- out for drinks-- & like most of her adventures with Carla, I assumed this one would go into the wee twilight hours (though in this winter there is no dusk or dawn, just a frozen crack! as the sun breaks free of black glaciars or sinks back into their iceberg embrace). She would be out all night & come home drunk-- or so I thought. So I settled in, fooled around online with an old collegue, & knocked out a bottle of wine. Turned on some more Carnivale. Which was when she came home! & I let her down. She was pretty annoyed at me, & that I understood. Made an effort to cut free, come home at a reasonable time, & I'm the drunk one! Plus, I guess drinking a bottle of wine by myself made her think of less happy nights? When a bottle was my constant friend? Oh but it wasn't the case, I wasn't a mope or a sulk or a troublemaker. I was just curling up with a little irresponsibility, & in my head, when she came home drunk from her night out, we'd be a matching pair, bookends. No! I just couldn't believe she was so annoyed with me that she slep on the couch. I wasn't that awful! No, no, I am a heel. I just thought I was going to be a sot, a scoundral, by myself. Anyhow so now I'm a little gloomy. Downcast. Bah. Though on the plus side, yesterday I wrote in the style of the Down the Rabbit Hole meme & Jenny said that it was the same way I write all the time. Mostly because I live in a chimerical world of my own devising. Awesome!

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