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Green Glass Door.

In the interests of Ideological Superiority, & over-all morale, the Demimondaine have engaged in mandatory price fixing! At least for the half a mooncycle, Holidays aside. Still I would be remiss, so I took the opportunity to lay out a short cesura to reflect on our social mantras. Be Loyal! & so I took my boon companion with me, & how was I rewarded? Ah, it was her steel on the table when we left. Act With Compassion! & so I waited for her when she excused herself to the head, helped her on with her jacket, & held the door for a venerable bede, & how was I rewarded? By company on my sentry's walk back to my post. Be of Good Use! at last time to shine, for now we are in territory wherein I excel. We conversed back & forth as to our politics (unimpeachable!) & our entertainment (uncanny!) & more importantly The Great Work. The Philosopher's Stone, soon & forever! Our just reward. Never be Outdone! Oh & how could we be! Us pretty Sophists! It was a lovely time, & with any luck, well-- she has a speely, & so we're going to watch a Spacehulk propaganda piece, if our spouses don't object. The venue itself, well; it is near to me, which isn't far from where she was. The food is very Englezarke, very mesa dwellers; fish & beans seared by fires, & cocoanut for digestif. On the downside, running up & turning on the Underbridge stairs left a hurt on my hip joint! I may have to excuse myself from lunges & bladework.
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