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I decided to take the Gate Epicure into work today, instead of the Gate Skeptic-- they are an angle apart on the Jigsaw Wall, but after you get out of the Necropolis & into the Old city, the roads converge more or less. They just input at different points on Wall Street. Down to Spring Street & then do that semi-circle & down to Canal & then I'm almost here. It isn't even a half-bells difference, just a little further footpad. Anyhow, today is all Unity bussiness. I've been mostly working with various Velvet Hierarchs, processing benefits, books, all those kinds of carrots, but today I have a little bit of Iron Hierarch work to get through-- tedious, but also sort of fun to see the stick at work. Whack! Anyhow, with any luck my plans for mid-day meal should click together like cogs; I'm trying to go to that churrascaria that I've heard some of the Diadochi talking about, & I'm taking everyone's favorite wunderkammern maker with me. Sprake the mothertongue with me, comrade!
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