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Ended up taking a nap, seeing a ufo. When the evening finally got rolling, when Jenny came home, she was just as fussy & I was fuzzy. She's the esses & I'm the zees. So I ate yet another burrito, this time with mole! & then we kind of clattered around the apartment. Red ant, black ant, fight! She was just miserable, & so I took my gentle leave of her & managed to convince myself to go to the gym. I had failed earlier in the day, but this time I succeeded! I did a lot of cardiovascular stuff; the weight room was getting painted? So I left once that got under way & went back upstairs. I just, blech? My brain was rotting out, so I couldn't be troubled to wrestle with some of the machines. At the gym I caught a little bit of Superman: Doomsday, & after Jenny went to bed, I watched it on DVR. So, there are some great moments, & basically the clone is awesome? Did Superman freaking lobotomize himself? Could Lex Luthor want to jump his bones any more? & then after that I watched another episode of Carnivale. I really like the first few bits of that show. What I thought it was, in my head, is even more awesome than what it actually was. Now I'm pretty caught up with preparation for my game tonight. I know everyone is confused-- I should maybe address that. Anyhow, I'm going to try not to let things wander too much. Fingers crossed.

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