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There will be pictures of me flexing my arm with a temporary tattoo of a pirate ship! Last night was TV night, right? & a clusterbomb it was. Lilly showed up first & she & I went to Fatoosh & picked up Mediterreanian smoosh-food. Then a Maggie, then a David, then Joe & Danielle & then last Carla & the dog Claudio. Spilled: one glass of wine. Fault: none! Well, okay, a little bit mine; I had set it on a sushiblock under Lilly & she kicked it over. We watched a little of the Innaugeral Daily Show, & then cracked into How I Met Your Mother. Lilly didn't like Solitary 3.0 & people had lots of different picks as to who they are rooting for-- when th one lady said her husband who died in prison could "get" you anywhere now, that was awesome. Personally, I think letting them meet anyone at all was a serious mis-step. Tool Academy was next, but not before everyone put on temporary tattoos & David laid out a plate. Layed? Whatever. Oh we were drinking! Then Carla washed all of our dishes? A fuzzy night, but pleasant!

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