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Today has been pretty busy. Just with stuff-- not a slew of stuff, but rather constant stuff. This morning I kissed Jenny & told her she was a Jennypotamus-- apparently now she is crazy in love with me. Funny thing! Last night I flaked on doing laundry-- it is too damn cold to do laundry. & yeah, I know people in the Ice Belt & the Snow Belt & the Nuclear Winter Belt are worse off but eff them they probably have laundry machines in their homes. So instead I finished War Music which as I mentioned I quite liked-- plus there was the good news the I can get the other ones from work. Okay, I cop (attercop) to it: I love Jenny to. Anyhow-- I was meant to go to Mesa Grill with Dante & Beatrice for Restaraunt Week, but Beatrice was late trying to get Dante to come-- he didn't-- & the kitchens closed for lunch by the time we rendezvoused. Instead we went to Cafeteria, which like-- I'm not Chelsea clubhound, so I'd never been. The soup & sandwich was pretty alright; I wish we'd gotten the chicken & horseradish sliders instead of the burgers; I polished off the leftovers of Beatrices pancakes which were good too. So in a few I'm going to take my leave of this castle. I've got a satchel full of books for Jenny. So yeah-- I'm smug too. Oh & I'm real haunted by xenomorphs & monoliths these last few days. Look for it! Space coast...

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