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It is funny to watch people talk so much about the Obama's dresses & how they dance at the fancy parties. No, no, they aren't treating them like famous rockstar celebrities! You are mistaken! No, politicians were the original fashion icons & gossip generators. Of course, back then the politicians were nobility, & all that. Man, it just makes me kind of sick in my bones how badly people want to be ruled by a king, any king. In my recent Oubliette campaign, I've imagined into being the notion of a kind of reverse-aristocracy, a ethical stance that inherited wealth demands responsibility. It isn't any secret that I'm not a backer of rule by the people; the republic is an all important filter-- but sometimes it is funny. I wonder how democracy could work if the first principals were adhered to, or adapted. Oh, by the way-- I'm just talking. This isn't going anywhere! Jenny is in the other room watching Rachel Maddow & I seriously just couldn't take it. Cult of personality, I get it! I wonder just how thoughtful or taken for granted the requirements for governmental participation were. I certainly don't agree with them-- race, sex, plutocracy. & I count the idea of a "meritocracy" as a pet peeve-- like, merit how! Explain that to me. How do we measure merit? Again-- Chinese bureaucracy requiring poetry; gorgeous. The neurolinguistic change necessary to parse statements out of pictographic language is the most elegant thing I've seen yet. Capitalism is worse than might makes right! Oh I don't know. Barack Obama (hey spellcheck, you might want to add that) is winning some points with at least attempting things-- he read Team of Rivals & he meant it! & having a real relationship with your wife & your homestates is charming. Just, I wish people would treat the President like the President & not the King. Though-- okay I will confess-- it worries me that Putin could beat him up. Wait, what? He speaks Indonesian? At least he's Apollonian & not Aresian (though who wouldn't prefer Athenian to either?)
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