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Man, Hero, Wizard, Monster, God. (9)

War Music by Christopher Logue.

"The gods lean down--kiss--
blue fire erupts everywhere,"
the guns of Greece sing.

This is a new translation? Re-imagining? The cover uses terms like "account" & "rendering"? A retelling of pieces of the Illiad. I think a fairly wide net can be cast when it comes to translating poetry & oral tradition, & Logue casts such a net. It happens to be that I'm not as well acquainted with the Illiad as some of my chums, so I'm even more welcoming & lax. Given those statements, damn. This is a hell of a book. The words are just churned up in the sand. Asleep like pistols in red velvet. Oh sure, man. Sure. The thing that really struck me is the appearance of the divine. The gods are just really incredibly vivid here, tipping arrows off the bow. They do their double duty as a metaphor & as vital deities, both. Neither diminishes the other, that the gods both stand for chance & as actors on a superior stage. I was really blown away by this.
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