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So this was a weird weekend for me. I've been acting like a baby, lately? I haven't been getting enough attention at all. So I sulk or fuss. Not to mention with the weather & everything, it has been a big of a sargasso. Still, allswell that ends well. This weekend ended with some cuddling this morning! A ridiculous ammount of visual media went down the hatch. I rewatched some Carnivale because it is awesome (or at least the first season is) & then Batman: The Mystery of the Batwoman. I like how Silver Age it was, but I couldn't stop contrasting the spare lines of the male characters to the really ornate female characters. Also-- I'm sorry, but Bullock has a different female latina partner? Confusing. Still, a good mystery. Hamlet 2 you can skip the first hour-- the show itself is kind of okay though. I watched the end of Jane Austen Book Club with Jenny-- I have never read any Austen, having avoided most of the "canon." Anyhow, it was one of those movies that make me groan & be insufferable about. Oh & we watched some more Double Shot at Love-- mess. & of course notable the new episode of Battlestar: Galactica. Even though it SEEMS to defy my theories, I'm not sure that I'm ready to give them up yet. Yeah, sorry I'm rambling-- I've been trying to keep track of my various inputs! I'm not counting Daily Shows & things like Rachael Maddow though I should be clear that I do, since those are both pretty slanted viewpoints.

How did it go? Friday Jenny was drinking all day with Carla. Saturday she went to bed early. Sunday Carla came over & then we went out. So see, I was desperate for Jennytime. Basically all I did was read & go to the gym-- I've been good about the gym on days off, but haven't gotten into a good pattern for after work, except on days when Jenny works late. Game was cancelled on Sunday, which was a bummer. Or more truthfully, there isn't a standard game on the weeks that I don't run. So there you have it. With the exception of Monday's big event: I ate too much, & my stomach hurt. A lot. I mean, I ate too much quinoa stew, & then on top of that I ate too much cereal. Then all the grains expanded & I spent a while whimpering. Jenny had to tuck me in! Though I guess on the upside I got some tender affection. Oh & I guess I started a new writing project, but mostly in the hopes that I'll slack off on it & fix up the other novel. Now today there was all that Prez jazz, & I had to stuff a bunch of envelopes.

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