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Ataraxia. (8)

Book by Book by Michael Dirda.

Talk about SF!
Or talk about comic books!
Instead of just quotes.

This guy took me a while to get through. I've had Dirda on my radar-- he's a litcrit head with an eye for comics & genre fiction. & you know me, I think the American novel is dead except for the oft derided genre stuff, & the "funnybooks." This book wasn't bad-- but it wasn't litcrit, which is what I was expecting. Instead, it is a book meant to be referred back to. A commonplace book? Which is what he says you call it when you scribble notes & quotes in your notebook. & since I actually wanted to read it, I had to stop & put it down & return to it-- lest I skim a few pages of quotes here, a few favorite Bible bits there. I don't think I agree with a lot of his opinions on life, but because of this book I think I might agree with Marcus Aurelius? Suffer nobly the world & retreat to your inner citadel? Why, that is just what I am up to!
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