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Lemurian archeology. (7)

Into the Hollow Earth: Golden Path Volume One by Ansom Montgomery.

The Radient Ones
make Hiroshima shadows
in the Hollow Earth.

Choose Your Own Adventure! Except, packaged as a hardcover, & not self contained. Wait, what? Yeah, that is what I said-- I got to the end of my first story line & it told me to turn to a completely different book. & did I mention it is a hardcover? Okay actually, a ten-dollar hardcover isn't so bad; especially factoring library use. The fact that it isn't complete really blow though. Probably enough to turn me off entirely. I mean, it wasn't even like I got to a chapter close. I followed a few paths, & they are all similar, plus nothing too madcap? I mean, you are in a dystopian near future, but you don't-- make backup copies of your brain in your big toe. & you don't flip the page to find out you've been horribly killed. So was it fun? Kind of. Would I recommend buying it? Naw; & I wouldn't recommend reading it unless you had the whole series-- however long it might be-- immediately at hand.
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