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little spider with its legs tucked under, curled up under the curds & whey of my guts & bones. sparkle, web; cocoon tucked away for a black heart. i walk out of the gym & whisper whisper whisper to myself. walk around in the snow for a while & mumble horrible nothings to the trapdoor in my sternum. i am the reflection & you are the shadow, i say to it. you are cast, the die, the rubicon crossed. it plucks at my strings, & for a minute i'm herky-jerky, all up & down the jacob's ladder. tumble all the way & trickle all the way down. the empty thrones of heaven, the lonely gallows, the rusting crowns of iron. back to the fallen world & trying to hold the porcelin angel together with glue. we'll be alright. lurking. an ember fed well in secret. inside the furnace of my skin it smolders, leaking smoke & poison. i pluck down stars & cast them into the sea. piece by piece i am tearing down the walls of jericho & with each stone i am building a seige tower to stretch past the firmament. even now my muazzin are among you. every word a dweomer laid to later ruin.

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