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Mine own. My Precious...

A few facts for your percievable but unpercieved world. I'm pretty sure I have Raynaud's Disease, as much as self-diagnosis is a pet peeve of mine. Another one is that I have my shirt tucked in. I bought a shirt from the Gap or Old Navy or Bannana Republic, & I got it in "tall" since, well, I am. The tails are pretty long though-- maybe they'll shrink? Tucking a shirt in isn't my first choice. Oh, another thing is that I'm eating spciy vegetable udon. My integration of vegetables into my diet is going very swimmingly; I didn't think olives would ever tumble, but it did. Still: peppers? Blech. Oh, & my main work buddy is moving to greener pastures. That about sums up my immediate situation, in microcosim.

Last night was television night. Danielle & Joe & Carla all bailed at the last minutes, but we're a juggernaut, we don't care! There wasn't a lot of legitimate television but we are an unstoppable holocaust, we don't care! While we waited for muster we watched a little Rachel Maddow, & then we got into full swing with How I Met Your Mother: a very "aww" episode. Then it was time to move into reality television turf, & try out the descicable Tool Academy. Or maybe we watched an episode of Jon & Kate plus Eight first-- Lilly swiped the remote at some point. Back to the point though, Tool Academy has some potential for junk-food fun. Every so often when I think VH1 has sunk into the nadir of misogyny, they pull out a show to rival Shot at Love & its ilk, & point it at the boys. Like, genuinely point it at them. Makes me hopeful that VH1 is just truly misanthropic.

Oh, & I mentioned my elf-crush on Rachel Maddow but I also want to be clear to mention that Peter Dinklage is other crush lately, especially after 30 Rock this week. He wow'ed me in Station Agent (which I watched because of my crush on Stephen Trask!) & really let me tell you, there is a dude that could have been Frodo, if Peter Jackson had gone the more Willow route. Also, me MSPainting them to look like Lord of the Rings characters seems like I'm othering little people & lesbians! I checked though-- I'm not. I just really like Tolkien. & Rachel Maddow & Peter Dinklage.
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