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Last night I Spider-Man'd down to Chinatown afterwork. Right there, Chinatowns are the best argument for the Stephensonian 'clave, right? & for whatever reason, Chinatown smelt incredible last night. I don't know what exactly it was, but the salted cod, the wriggling East River fish, all sort of bowed & gave way to a soupy kind of smell. Chinatown! It smells different from every other place, except for other Chinatowns. & maybe China, I don't know. Snagged Jenny from work, which is getting semi-regular, & we walked up Broadway to Asian Pub (Cooper 35 they call it, but I am not tricked). I had a very vermouthy martini & some kimchee fried rice & Jenny had soup & salad & a seabreeze. Marvel at the fifteen dollar meal! & by then we were a little bit late for Trivariety; we usually get there early, so being late was our plan.

Which left Danielle & Joe in the cold! Well, only a little-- we met up with the mat The Fortune Cookie Longue (Under Lucky Chen's which is I guess a drag review?) for Simon & Meg's Trivariety. So I guess I go to it now? Fairly regularly, at least. I heckle! Call & response is the core of vaudville (I just made that up right now). The music was Rachel Trachtenberg-- remember how that whole thing made Scribble lose his job? I hope she's able to survive her parents; she's a nerdy little protest child now, which works. She might be okay. The other gentleman was Ben Lerman-- he played a very distracting & entertaining song about storing things in your lady-parts. This was during the "celebragram" portion of the show, which is the worst part of the show, so it cushined my hate. oh! Also I was totally synched up with Lauren & when I "shame!"'d her it was-- kind of hilarious. Anyhow, we were in second place, but again with the big wager, & then the loss. Home with the lady, a glass of rum, & "NPH" on "SNL".

Then this morning I had a hell of a time pulling myself out of my coffin. I was having a dream-- I was in Saw, or a Saw story anyhow. Or Cube or whatever-- a death labyrinth with video cameras all over. It was pretty engaging; there were closets all over, & while some of them were empty, most concealed someone who would attack you. You could either open it & have them jump out & try to kill you immediately, or if you passed it, they'd stalk you & try to kill you later. The attackers were all male model looking guys; guys in black with really cut abs & stuff. It was pretty homoerotic; I had to hold the one guy down & then jump up & break the jaw of the on-coming one...yeah. Anyhow, I decided that the little nerdy guy at the information booth helping direct the cops? Was the killer, so I shot him in the face. Then my alarm was driving Jenny crazy so I had to get up.
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